Comic Book Review - Alien Toilet Monsters #1


Travis is on his own this week taking a look at the first issue of the Indie comic: Alien Toilet Monsters #1 written by Carol Zara & Eric Barnett with art and story by Eric Barnett.

This book is a lot of fun and won't be like anything you've ever read before.

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We will return with Evil Dead II

Reel Comic Heroes 019 - A Conversation with Rory from @HangoverReviews

Greetings, Citizens! A few weeks ago, in preparation for our two-part Star Wars: A New Hope episode, I had a conversation with our first guest, Rory Spence. The original plan would have been to release the Star Wars review as one episode, and possibly tack on this conversation at the end as a bonus. We had no idea we'd talk for 3 hours about A New Hope, so we decided it would be best to split the episode up (not unlike Luke and Leia). 

This episode was just a conversation between Rory and myself as a way to test out the Skype connection. Rather than throw it away, we thought it would release it as an episode. We mostly talk about The Force Awakens as well as a bit of Deadpool. We also discussed some of the comics we're currently reading (or intending to read).

Patrick and I will be visiting the world of James Bond next week with our review of The Spy Who Loved Me


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