Reel Comic Heroes 062 - Spaceballs with Rory M. Spence


Reel Comic Heroes 062 - Spaceballs

This is a big deal for Travis and Patrick. Spaceballs has in some way been a part of our show from very early on. Patrick loves it. Travis is indifferent to it. Is Spaceballs a classic? Maybe. 

Rory M. Spence from the Doghair Network is with us again to find out if Spaceballs is any good. Check out Rory’s shows Hangover Reviews and Doghair Presents.



Here's the shirt Travis got for Patrick way before this episode ever happened. 


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Next time on Reel Comic Heroes - The Living Daylights. 


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Reel Comic Heroes 015 - Live and Let Die

This one surprised us, citizens. We went into this movie with high hopes. After all, it was the start of a new Bond - Roger Moore. Live and Let Die seems to have been a product of a much different time.

Live and Let Die brings James Bond back to the states, and eventually to an island in the Caribbean in his mission to investigate the deaths of three fellow agents. While investigating he crosses paths with Dr. Kananga who is more than he seems, and is aided by a beautiful fortune teller.

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Also in this episode: Wrestling legends of the early 90's, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull vs. Temple of Doom

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Join us next time for The Man With the Golden Gun as we go on our next mission with Roger Moore.