Reel Comic Heroes 066 - Superman IV: The Quest for Peace with Rory M. Spence

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

with Rory M. Spence

Rory M. Spence is back with us to visit our old pal Superman as he deals with the latest scheme of Lex Luthor’s. Of course we’re talking about Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Weigh in with your thoughts over on the League of Citizens Facebook group.

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Reel Comic Heroes 044 - Superman III with Rory Spence

Patrick and Travis welcome back their old pal, Rory, from Hangover Reviews to discuss 1983s Superman III. This time Richard Pryor joins Christopher Reeve to give us a Superman movie like no other. This movie has a lot going on but we managed to find some things to enjoy about it. 

As promised in the episode, here's a link to the abandoned Superman III treatment written by Ilya Salkind. It's worth a read and could have been a crazy, fun Superman movie.

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Reel Comic Heroes 022 - Superman: The Movie - Part 2

Greetings, Citizens. We're back to close out one of the most beloved superhero films of all time, Superman: The Movie. Please enjoy the second part of our review and get in touch with us online and let us know what Superman means to you. We'd love to share your thoughts on an upcoming episode. 

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We will return next week with a look at the made-for-TV classic Captain America.


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