Reel Comic Heroes 052 - A View to a Kill


Sir Roger Moore embodied the role of British Agent 007 for 12 years in 7 Bond movies. He was the longest-serving James Bond actor.

Join us as we take a look at Moore’s last outing as James Bond in 1985s A View to a Kill.

An investigation of a horse-racing scam leads 007 to a mad industrialist who plans to create a worldwide microchip monopoly by destroying California's Silicon Valley.

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Reel Comic Heroes 043 - Octopussy

In this episode we’re taking a look at the penultimate Roger Moore Bond film, Octopussy from 1983. This episode was recorded the night before Sir Roger Moore passed away at the age of 89 and is being posted the day after his passing. Moore was a lot of fun as 007 and he will be missed by many who consider him to be their favorite James Bond.

We’d love to hear from you, our listeners. Share your favorite Roger Moore Bond moments with us and we’ll include them in the next episode.

Sir Roger Moore

1927 - 2017

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Reel Comic Heroes 033 - For Your Eyes Only

It’s a little bit From Russia With Love and a little bit On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, it’s For Your Eyes Only. This movie has elements of a lot of James Bond blended into a sort of, greatest hits with the return of Roger Moore as Britain’s top secret agent.

Bond is sent to investigate and recover a secret British spy device before it can be claimed by the Russians. On the way he teams up with a dangerous woman with a desire for revenge.

In this episode we did discover Batman’s secret source of his Bat Shark Repellant!

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Reel Comic Heroes 020 - The Spy Who Loved Me

Greetings, Citizens and Bond fans. We're back with our review of Roger Moore in 1977s The Spy Who Loved Me. We went into this one a little skeptical, as some of the recent Bond films have been so-so. We came out of it thoroughly entertained and hopeful of Bond's future. With TSWLM, it feels as if Roger Moore has become comfortable in the role and has made it his own. 

We'll be back next week with a look at the first trailer for Ghostbusters

Spoiler Warning: At the end of the episode we talk a little about recent events of CW's The Flash


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Reel Comic Heroes 016 - The Man With the Golden Gun

James Bond has returned! The Man With the Golden Gun felt like an old familiar suit. It felt like Roger Moore has managed to incorporate elements of Connery's performance while making the character his own. This movie, while having a lot of light-hearted moments, still found the brutality of the Bond character.

Christopher Lee as the villain Scaramanga, along with his sidekick, Nick Nack, are a welcome duo against 007. We look forward to seeing more from Roger Moore as James Bond.

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Reel Comic Heroes 015 - Live and Let Die

This one surprised us, citizens. We went into this movie with high hopes. After all, it was the start of a new Bond - Roger Moore. Live and Let Die seems to have been a product of a much different time.

Live and Let Die brings James Bond back to the states, and eventually to an island in the Caribbean in his mission to investigate the deaths of three fellow agents. While investigating he crosses paths with Dr. Kananga who is more than he seems, and is aided by a beautiful fortune teller.

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Also in this episode: Wrestling legends of the early 90's, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull vs. Temple of Doom

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