Reel Comic Heroes 062 - Spaceballs with Rory M. Spence


Reel Comic Heroes 062 - Spaceballs

This is a big deal for Travis and Patrick. Spaceballs has in some way been a part of our show from very early on. Patrick loves it. Travis is indifferent to it. Is Spaceballs a classic? Maybe. 

Rory M. Spence from the Doghair Network is with us again to find out if Spaceballs is any good. Check out Rory’s shows Hangover Reviews and Doghair Presents.



Here's the shirt Travis got for Patrick way before this episode ever happened. 


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Next time on Reel Comic Heroes - The Living Daylights. 


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Trailer Talk 006 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

We interrupt this podcast to bring you an unscheduled Trailer Talk. To our surprise, Lucasfilm decided to drop a little Rogue One action on us. With the movie coming out this December, we were starting to get a little concerned/confused with the lack of material being released for this 'Star Wars Story', set before the events of A New Hope.

We will be return next week with our review of 1979s TV Movie version of Captain America.

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Reel Comic Heroes 018 - Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Part 2 with Rory Spence

Welcome back Citizens! We're happy to present the conclusion of our Star Wars review with Rory Spence from Hangover Reviews.

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