This Week's Geek - September 13, 2015

Hey there, Citizens. I wanted to start this off by thanking everyone who has tuned in and given our show a chance. We've got some really good episodes coming up for everyone to check out soon. Tomorrow we'll release our 4th episode which will cover the classic 007 film: Goldfinger

This week Marvel and Netflix released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming series Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter (link below). I'm slightly familiar with the character of Jessica Jones. I mainly know her from Brian Michael Bendis's run on New Avengers. Before that I know she was featured in her own comic book called Alias. After seeing what Marvel and Netflix were able to do with Daredevil, I have no doubt that this series will also be interesting and a nice introduction for fans of the larger cinematic universe Marvel is constructing. 

The DC camp seemed very quiet this week as far as film went. Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are close to wrapping up and moving into the post production stages. DC/Warner Bros. did, however, announce that Wonder Woman will begin shooting this November. That will be an exciting film to keep an eye out for. It will be interesting to see what DC does with this character that so many people have been wanting to see on a big screen for years. One other item DC released this week was the first images of their Hawkman and Hawkgirl for the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series.

In tech news, Apple just held its annual September event where, to no surprise, they revealed details about the next iPhone. But one of the most interesting pieces shown was the new iPad Pro along with the Apple Pencil. I'm not interested in getting either of these for myself necessarily, but I can't wait to start seeing videos pop up online of comic book artists like Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee getting their hands on them and sharing their sketch videos.

That's about all I wanted to share this week. I need to get back to work putting the finishing touches on the next episode: Goldfinger.