Reel Comic Heroes - Trailer Talk 010 - Thor: Ragnarok / Justice League

Patrick and Travis are taking a look at the newest content from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con for Thor: Ragnarok and the Justice League movies. Things are looking crazy for the next Thor movie. And it seems like Warner Bros. could be starting to get things on track. Check out these reviews and let us know what you think. As always, you can email us and share your feedback.

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer | Justice League Comic-Con Sneak Peek

Intro - 0:46.5

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer - 02:56.5

Thor Trailer Discussion - 05:23.5

Justice League Trailer - 29:07

JL Trailer Discussion - 33:17.5

Wrap Up - 01:01:51

As discussed in the episode. A tower near the gladiatorial ring appears to bear the likenesses of Man-Thing (top), Beta Ray Bill (upper left). 

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Remembering Adam West + Batman the Movie (Revisited)

This episode is just a brief chat about the man who reminds us that Batman doesn’t always have to be dark and brooding. We will always remember Adam West as the fun-loving, yet serious ‘Bright Knight’ version of the Batman. 


Remembering Adam West - 00:25

Batman the Movie - Revisited - 0.12:49


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Trailer Talk 004 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice final trailer

The 2016 comic book movie lineup is underway with this weekend's release of Deadpool. The movie is doing very well for its opening weekend and has gotten a lot of praise. In this episode we're going to be chatting about some of the other upcoming films for 2016, and we'll talk about the newest and final Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer.

Our next movie review will be covering Star Wars: A New Hope. If you have a favorite moment, quote, or Star Wars experience, we'd love to hear it. Please email us with anything you'd like to share on the show.

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Trailer Talk 002 - Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, & Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Welcome back, Citizens. Patrick and Travis are back to weigh in on some upcoming films. First up is the Comic-Con trailer for Deadpool which looks really fun and different than any movie we've seen so far. Then we get into the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War (spoilers - we also discuss events leading up to Civil War in the comics). Lastly, we talk about a surprising new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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This Week's Geek - October 9, 2015

Greetings, Citizens! This week is shaping up pretty well with some tasty tidbits being dropped from both Marvel and DC. 

First off, Marvel Studios has updated their Phase 3 slate of films. They've announced a sequel to this summer's Ant-Man. In 2018 we will get to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. I really like the simplicity of the name and am really glad they didn't go with something like: "Ant-Man 2: Rise of the Wasp", or something in that vein. Evangeline Lilly was very charming in Ant-Man, and (spoilers) I love that teaser of her taking up the mantle of The Wasp. Ant-Man and the Wasp will arrive in three short years on July 6, 2018.

With the announcement of the Ant-Man/Wasp picture, Marvel also moved some other projects around to accomodate. Black Panter will be moving up to February 16, 2018, and Captain Marvel will be pushed back to March 8, 2019.

The Marvel announcement didn't end there. Also revealed were three more dates for untitled films, all in 2020. These three films could be standalone hero films, or sequels to previous movies, but either way we'll stay tuned.


DC/Warner Bros. have released some new costume images and concept art (below) of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  It feels like we're weeks, if not days away from getting a final trailer for the movie. The movie has received a rating (PG-13) which means there's a final cut of the film. So now all we have to do is wait.


The last thing I want to share is the final trailer for the new James Bond film Spectre. I really like the direction the series has gone with Daniel Craig. Casino Royale is one of my favorite Bond films. Quantum of Solace, while not the best, is best viewed as a back-to-back sequel to Casino Royale, as it opens moments after the previous film ends. Skyfall is a beautiful film with a lot of great elements. I think one of my favorite aspects to Skyfall is that instead of getting bigger and bigger, the action and drama get smaller and more personal as the film closes. Anyways, I'm really excited about Spectre, and like The Force Awakens, I've kept myself fairly closed off to information in regards to them both. The trailers and official images are about all I've looked at so far, and I really want to keep myself in the dark as to the direction these new films are headed.

Reel Comic Heroes 006 - Batman: The Movie - Audio Commentary

Batman: The Movie

The Penguin, The Joker, The Riddler, and say it isn't so, Catwoman have all teamed up to take down the Dynamic Duo: Batman and Robin. Will the dastardly rogues succeed in taking over the world? Will our heroes be quick witted enough to foil the evil plot? Find out, in a brand new episode of Reel Comic Heroes!

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This Week's Geek - September 20, 2015

This week I wanted to talk about one thing. Bill Finger. Bill added so much to the world of Batman, or The Bat-Man as he was called then. We'll never know how popular Batman would've become without Bill. But, for the most part, the world largely didn't even know who he was, or that he had any connection to Batman. Bob Kane has been credited as the sole creator of Batman, and because of tricky legal reasons was credited as such. This week DC announced that they would be adding Bill Finger's name to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as the TV series Gotham. 

It is amazing to read just how much input Bill finger added to the character. For starters, the secret identity of Bruce Wayne was Bill's idea. Bill also provided Bruce Wayne with a keen scientific mind and extraordinary detective skills. As far as the look of Batman; Bill suggested Bob Kane's original sketch of Batman be altered (see original Bob Kane version below). Bill Finger recommended the domino mask be removed and replaced with a cowl, as well as removing the red and adding a cape instead of stiff wings.

Bill Finger created and/or co-created many other elements to the world of Batman. The Batmobile, Batcave, Robin's origin are a few of those elements. Even the name of Batman's city: Gotham was conceived by Bill. 

Villains such as The Riddler, The Penguin, Two-Face were in part created by Bill Finger as well. There's another villain who's popularity has, at times, rivaled that of the Dark Knight himself. The Joker was a collaboration of Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson. 

With all this being said, I also want to add that without Bob Kane, there would be no Batman. I do not believe that Bob Kane was an evil guy. But it wasn't until very late in Bob's life that he began to open up about how much influence Bill had on the creation and success of Batman.

The character of Batman has been a big part of my life. I realize how stupid that sounds. The very first comic book I ever owned was Batman #498. I saw it on a spinner-rack at the Osco Drug Store in Wanamaker, IN. and had to have it. The issue was released in August of 1993 (I was 10 years old), and was the next issue immediately after Bane broke Batman's back. I must've read that issue a hundred times (the issue itself looks like hell now). Batman is what started me down the road of comic books and have been a part of my life ever since. 

DC Comics has appointed September 26, 2015 as Batman Day. How should you celebrate? Go into a comic book store, or better yet; take a child into a comic book store, and pick up an issue of Batman (or any of the various Bat related titles). 

The Mission Statement

And Lo! There came a day. A day like no other. When Earth's mightiest podcasters were unable to do it alone. Travis and Patrick joined forces and formed The Reel Comic Heroes Podcast. Our goal was simple; review movies from a genre we love. But then something happened. We discovered that not only did we want to talk about Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and the rest. We wanted to talk about our other heroes. Mr. Spock, James Bond, and Indiana Jones. Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker, too. What started as a simple goal of talking about comic book movies quickly turned into a larger project than we intended. But the mission remains. We will start at the beginning and chronologically work toward the present. And like Batman, we know there may never be a day when the job is done. But we'll know we tried.

With all that being said. Please stay tuned for updates and the first episode of: The Reel Comic Heroes Podcast.