Featured Guests

Podcasting is one of the best forms of new media in part because of how incredibly supportive the community is. We'd like to thank those who have been a part of our show. We have a lot of guests lined up for future episodes, so this page will continue to grow. Please take a moment to check out these awesome creators.


Rory Spence from Hangover Reviews

Rory's YouTube show, Hangover Reviews, is excellent. He is helping the world by letting us know which movies you can watch after a night of excess. New shows are available every Sunday.

Recently, Rory has started up his own podcast with his friend Ross. Together on Doghair Presents, the two take turns presenting a report on geeky and interesting topics.



Appeared on:

Episode 017 - Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Pt. 1

Episode 018 - Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Pt. 2

Episode 019 - A Conversation with Rory


Andrew Hawthorn & Anthony Murphy from No Time For Heroics

Andrew and Anthony joined us for Raiders of the Lost Ark and blew us away with their passion and respect for this film. They give the same enthusiasm in every episode of their podcast whether they're talking about Superman or Condorman. New episodes are available every Tuesday.


Appeared on:

Episode 031 - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Warner Swopes from Nerd Management Podcast

When we began to open up the show to include guests I (Travis) admit I had a devious plot in mind for Warner. As a listener of his podcast, I knew Warner was  a huge Swamp Thing fan. I reached out to him, and sure enough, he wanted to be a guest on both of our Swamp Thing episodes. Aside from NerdMGMT, Warner can be found drumming in his band Brother O' Brother. New episodes of Nerd Management can be found weekly on SoundCloud.



Appeared on:

Episode 034 - Swamp Thing

Pete McCue from Resurrection Cast: A Battlestar Galactica Intro Cast

Pete is a fantastic guy to have on your podcast. His level of geeky insight is unmatched whether it's about sci-fi or fantasy. If you want to hear a lot more of Pete, you're in luck. He is a member of the Resurrection Cast, which chronicles the journey of two Battlestar Galactica virgins (Pete & Melanie) as they watch the entire series guided by their intrepid leader (Courtney). The podcast is available on iTunes and is soon wrapping up with the series finale.


Appeared on:

Episode 035 - Conan the Barbarian

Margo D. from Book Vs Movie Podcast

Margo D. brought a lot of great information and insight into Blade Runner from the original source material, 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'. Margo D. and Margo P. are behind the excellent podcast Book vs Movie where they examine films and the books they're based on. Sometimes the book is the way to go, and sometimes the movie is superior to the original text. Unfortunately, Margo P. was unable to join us for Blade Runner: The Final Cut.


Appeared on: 

Episode 038 - Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Crystal Beth from The Fifth Eleminute & Unlimited Lives Radio

Crystal Beth is known by some as the Queen of the Movies by Minutes format or the Movies by Minutes Maven. Regardless of her moniker, Crystal is one of the best guests a show could ask for. We were lucky to get her on our Return of the Jedi episode (turns out it is her favorite SW movie). Crystal is tremendously funny and just a delightful person in general. Her Movies by Minutes podcast, The Fifth Eleminute which she hosts with her boyfriend John Robert Wilson, is following the '97 classic The Fifth Element one minute at a time. Check it out on iTunes and everywhere else!




Appeared on:

Episode 040 - Return of the Jedi

Mark and Nathan from DC Cinematic Minute

Mark and Nathan have completed their look at 'Man of Steel' one minute at a time over on DC Cinematic Minute. Mark and Nathan have moved on to 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' in their mission to examine the entire DC Extended Universe. Their passion for the DC film universe is infectious. Mark and Nathan joined us to talk about trailers for The Last Jedi and Justice League, and we can't wait to have them back on for a proper movie review.


Appeared on:

Trailer Talk 009


Scott Carelli from DuelingGenre.com

Scott Carelli has an extremely impressive resume and is possibly the busiest man in podcasting. Scott is the owner of Dueling Genre Productions. He is the host of multiple podcasts including the Back to the Future Minute and Spider-Man Minute. Aside from podcasting, Scott is also a writer and director as well as the creator & writer of the Geek By Night which is "an original podcast series about fandom, friendship, and growing up... with superpowers."


Appeared on:

Episode 047 - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock


Ralph Attanasia from TLC's Cake Boss

Do not trust this man! He will try to remove one of the hosts and replace him. 

All kidding aside, Ralph Attanasia is a wonderful human being, and a lot of fun to chat with. Ralph is one of the many talents on the TLC television program Cake Boss. He joined us on our review of 1984s Ghostbusters and has threatened to rejoin us for Ghostbusters II


Appeared on:

Episode 048 - Ghostbusters